woodturning photo gallery

Woodturning, November 2011 to Present

After seeing some of the work of some local woodturners I became interested in making some objects myself. I have been using mostly green wood from recently fallen trees. A fair number of pieces are in process. Photos of a Poplar vase and bowl as well as some California Bay Laurel bowls can be seen here.

curly fir dining table photo gallery

Curly Fir Dining Table, July 2011 to November 2011

My friend Freda inherited some curly fir planks from her grandfather. She asked me to make a table using them. Click on the photo to the left to see the results. The redwood base is adapted from a design by Sam Maloof. The top was planed and scraped by hand then finished with varnish over epoxy for occasioanl outdoor use.

worm bin photo gallery

Worm Bin, May 2011

My new vegetable garden requires a source of fresh compost. As I have nearly zero yard waste but a fair amount of cooking scraps from fruits, vegetables, egg shells and coffee grounds composting with the aid of worms is the best option. Photos of a bin for the worms and material to be broken down are in this gallery. The bin is made from MDF and aluminum.

vegetable garden photo gallery

Vegetable Garden Boxes & Potting Table, March 2011 to April 2011

These raised garden boxes and potting table allow me to grow some vegetables on my patio. The patio faces north so there is not a great deal of sunlight available. The last photo in this gallery shows a map of the sunny and shadey areas of the patio at 4 times of day in the middle of the growing season. This shadow map aided in determining the best location for the boxes.

cedar beach chair photo gallery

Folding Cedar Beach Chairs, February 2011

Cedar fence pickets are available for very low prices at local home centers. The wood is not fully dried so it must be stored some time before use in furniture. These two chairs are made from fence pickets. The cedar naturally resists moisture related decay in addition to being light weight for easy carrying of the folding chairs. The hardwood inserts prevent the weight bearing surfaces from being damaged. The chairs are finished with spar varnish.

pinhole machine photo gallery

Pinhole Machine, December 2009 to November 2010

My brother Greg Sawtell commisioned me to make a machine that would be able to compete with his pin hole drawing prowess. A John Henry type competition will eventually be held. Here is a link to a video of the machine in action.

kayak photo gallery

Skin on Frame Kayak, June 2009 to July 2009

Cedar stringers, birch plywood sections & oak seat slats. The hull shape is from offsets by Tom yost. Frame is to be covered with 9oz nylon cloth then waterproofed with oil based polyurethane. Also pictured is a greenalnd style paddle. Chuck Holst has written a good guide to paddle construction.

canoe photo gallery

Stitch & Glue Canoe, December 2007 to March 2009

Before living in the bay area I had not been so near so many natural bodies of water. This led me to a book by George Dyson titled Baidarka: The Kayak (1986). Due to various practical considerations my first boat build is the canoe pictured at left. Its construction has spanned one change of venue but it is almost done.

The hull is now complete. I made a redwood paddle using plans from Mac McCarthy's book Featherweight Boatbuilding: A Woodenboat Book (1996). A backrest, foam seat, and carrying yoke are all complete.

radiograph & cyanotype photo gallery

Printing Cyanotypes, December 2008

Remember making Sun Prints as a child? Recently I learned that these are cyanotypes not capable of only two tones but a large range between white and blue. Sensitizing your own paper is relatively easy. Here are some contact prints I made from radiographs of plants. The cyanotype print is shown after each original radiograph.

temperature measurement photo gallery

Temperature Measurement & Logging, May 2008

5 probes ntc thermistors log via usb daq. Layed out and fabricated circuit board using toner transfer method. Design based on reference from national semiconductor app note for constant current IC.

metalworking photo gallery

Metalworking, December 2006

I took two semesters of metalworking at the Santa Rosa Junior College shortly after moving here. One of the instructors was Curtis Arima. The small photo at left links to a gallery of photos of some metal objects I have made.